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Antimicrobial protection

How do we make our customers, staff, pupils, visitors feel safe in our buildings?

This is a question everyone is facing from offices to restaurants, hotels to shops and gyms to schools, there is no environment that is left unaffected. Customers, staff, pupils and visitors all want to know your premises are safe, so how do you do that, how do you make them want to come back to work, eat in your restaurant, shop in your store, teach and learn in your classrooms or stay at your hotel?

There is no doubt the vaccine is a key piece in this puzzle and is helping, and can be effective from 65% of ther time upwards, so what more can we do, wear face masks and wash our hands, test regulary and keep our distance, all great pieces of the jigsaw, but it is not complete unless your surfaces are safe. These are the places that everyone touches everyday and are a critical cross contamination risk points. You can sanitise, but minutes later it could be infected, how do you move from infection to protection?

OES helps the world fight viruses and bacteria to provide safe spaces for everyone. The OES microbial sanitiser system offers an independntly tested 4 stage process that delivers viral and bacteria free surfaces and hands, it is simple to follow, easy to use and unlike the majority of sanitisers and disinfectants on the market it offers redisual long lasting independently tested protection. This is key to keeping you safe, cleaning a surface has previosuly only been a line in the sand, but with OES technology once applied that surface continues to fight off bacteria and viruses for hours, days and even months. Touch points are a known cross contamination risk, and the OES system helps you make them safe and keeps on protecting even when you are not around, and what is even better it makes people feel safe in your premises. We even show you are protected with our window stickers and certificates.

  • Touchsield 180/ 180F - Protect all surfaces for up to 180 days, hard & soft surfaces, safe enough to use on children’s toys. This coating is ideal for areas that have high levels of contact, door handles, plates, taps, flushes, banisters and more .
  • Wipeout 28  – Works in conjunction with TouchShield to enhance residual protection for up to 28 days and reach areas not covered by TouchShield, ideal to spray, fog or mist, and suitable for all surface areas, desks, doors, chairs and much much more.
  • Wipeout 1Tab – Clean & maintain your protected surfaces while enhancing your residual microbial shield, the only recommended way to maintain your OES surfaces, a cleaner and powerful sanitiser with a coronavirus kill of 30 seconds.
  • HandShield – Don’t just sanitise, protect. Up to 4hours residual protection, because we want to protect your hands the way we protect your building.