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How the changes effect your information...


At Lime Supply we respect your privacy and are committed to protecting the confidentiality of your personal information. Our aim is to be as clear and open as possible about what we do and why. With the changes from the 25th May Lime Supply want to make sure we are compliant with any changes that the GDPR regulations bring in. We do not hold sensitive informaiton and only hold informtaion given by the customer to allow us to invoice and deliver to you and the choice of product purchased.

We have conducted a full LIA (Legitmate Interest Assessment) based on the most up to date guidelines available to make sure when we contact you we are doing so based on a legitmate interest to you the customer , whether this is an invoice, order confirmation or a marketing communication (which you are able to unsubscribe from at any point). Again in the name of full transparency below is our LIA we have run to this end. We do not and will never sell your information on to third party companies for marketing purposes, and do not hold any card payment or banking information in our system so your privacy is safe with us.


LIA (Legitimate Interest Assessment)

In order for us to check we have an LI (Legitimate Interest) we have applied and looked at the below points. This is in relation to marketing and electronic contact we have with our customers in the process of placing orders and the follow up after those orders with offers and reminders to re-purchase.

We don’t share our information with any 3rd parties and all contacts are made in order to offer our customers an opportunity to purchase goods they are interested in based on purchasing behaviour. We don’t use external marketing lists, and only contact customers who have bought from us or shown an interest in buying from us previously and have requested contact from ourselves.

  • Why do you want to process the data – what are you trying to achieve?

    We are sending information about goods the customer has either purchased or would be interested in buying based on transactional behaviour. This can offer reminders when they are running low or special offers that might benefit them.

  • Who benefits from the processing? In what way?

    Lime supply (LS) benefit if the customer takes up the offer to purchase and the customer benefits from purchasing goods they require at a standard or discounted rate.

  • Are there any wider public benefits to the processing?

    No it only effects the targeted customer.

  • How important are those benefits?

    As above this does not apply

  • What would the impact be if you couldn’t go ahead?

    The customer would not be aware of communicatiuons on their order placed and any special offers that we have and would not receive a timely reminder to re-order.

  • Would your use of the data be unethical or unlawful in any way?

    No there is nothing unethical or illegal in our marketing contact, we have the option to opt out included on all electronic marketing that we do to our customers.

    Necessity test. We have considered the below points to make sure what we are doing is required:

  • Does this processing actually help to further that interest?

    Yes the use of the customers email address is the only way we can let our customers know of offers or reminders to purchase products, we do not make contact in other ways.

  • Is it a reasonable way to go about it?

    As we are an online business and our customers transact with us online, marketing communication by email fits within that relationship.

  • Is there another less intrusive way to achieve the same result?

    No we believe email communication is the least intrusive way of contact as it can be looked at and considered at the customers leisure or not as the case may be. Phone calls and sales calls in person without an appointment to customers can be seen as intrusive so are not carried out.

    Balancing test.

    We have considered the impact of our processing and whether this overrides the interests we have identified by looking at the below points

    What is the nature of your relationship with the individual?

    They are our customer and have purchased from us or shown an interest in purchasing from us in the past. As our products are ordered on a regular basis by our customers it is more than reasonable to stay in ongoing contact.

  • Is any of the data particularly sensitive or private?

    No we only hold address details for invoicing and delivery and email for communication, a purchase history is also kept in order that to allow them to repeat purchase, and if they make contact requiring information about the goods they have bought from us previously.

  • Would people expect you to use their data in this way?

    We believe our customers would expect to hear from us about goods they have either bought before or were interested in buying as the majority of items we sell are purchased on a repeat cyclical basis.

  • Are you happy to explain it to them?

    Our communications are very clear on what they offer, and we are always happy to talk to our customers if further information is required.

  • Are some people likely to object or find it intrusive?

    No we don’t expect any of our communications to be seen as intrusive, but if further contact is not required an opt out link is clearly available and stops all further communication.

  • What is the possible impact on the individual?

    The individual receives an email or series of emails over a period of time.

  • How big an impact might it have on them?

    The impact on our customers is minimal.

  • Are we processing children’s data?

    No we don’t knowingly process any children’s data as our products are not aimed at that market place.

  • Are any of the individuals vulnerable in any other way?

    No we are not aware of any vulnerabilities of our customers as they have come to us in order to purchase or show an interest in goods, this is the only information we hold.

  • Can you adopt any safeguards to minimise the impact?

    We do not over email our customers and do not share our information with any third parties for marketing purposes which minimises any impact.

  • Can you offer an opt-out?

    We do offer an opt out on all marketing communications run and managed through our email marketing suite mailchimp.


    LIA done by Matt Burtinshaw 16th April 2018 (Managing Director in advance of GDPR changes on the 25th May.

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