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Green at Lime is more than just skin deep....

...it goes all the way to the pips

The choice of a Lime as our logo was not just by chance, as well as representing the fresh approach we bring to cleaning supplies, it is obviously 'Green'. This eco friendly colour underpins all areas of our business model from the paperless ordering and invoicing system to the sourcing of environmental products.

Below is just a few things that we at Lime are doing to help the environment we live in:-

Product range

A key area for any cleaning supplies business, we understand that we have to cater for demand, but that does not mean that we can't offer wherever possible an environmentally friendly alternative. As a truly independent company we are constantly sourcing new products from around the globe to add to our environmental range, so keep your eyes 'peeled' for new introductions, below are a list of items we stock or are evaluating currently before bringing into the range.

  • A range of EU Eco approved cleaning chemicals
  • A range of EU Eco approved paper for washroom & general use
  • Biodegradable sacks & bin liners to help clean up rubbish!
  • Diamond pads for chemical free floorcare
  • A standard range of chemicals that are easy and safe to use

Company systems

Lime is built on  the latest IT systems delivering a fully integrated back end and ecommerce solution, but how does this help the environment? It simply reduces paper use, empowers the customer with information and increases first time, fully correct, on time deliveries minimising the amount of lorries on the road. Below are a number of ways in which we do this:-

  • Paperless On-line orders instantly processed in seconds to our hand held PDA's in the warehouse
  • Customer invoices are electronically sent (Unless requested otherwise)
  • On-line portal allows customers to instantly access information, empowering purchasing decisions
  • Full box quantities displayed to help reduce trucks on the road and carbon footprint
  • Full Budget controls allow customers to operate paperless multi-site ordering
  • Online reports for track and trace, budget spend, and Lime SLA monitoring reduce paper trails

For further information or for a personalised quote please contact Lime direct at contact@limesupply.com or call 0845 5575 675