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Solulime - The safe eco dosing system

Solulime is an eco friendly way to buy chemicals, the reduced packaging and weight has an exceptionally positive impact on the environment. The simple design guarantees correct dosing every time without the need for expensive equipment, while ensuring the user does not come into contact with concentrated cleaning products.

We believe Solulime out performs any similar systems in the market place, the sachets dissolve quicker, the powders are more effervescent, giving you a ready to use product in seconds rather than minutes. All the Solulime chemical products perform to the very highest level.


Key benefits

Eco friendly

  • Massive reduction in packaging compared to standard RTU’s or 5lt concentrates
  • Spray bottle can be re-used numerous times
  • Less weight, less packaging reduces carbon footprint on both production & transport
  • Less packaging means less waste which results in less landfill

Eco friendly

  • A real cost saving when compared to traditional cleaning chemicals
  • Very low cost in use
  • Helps enforce budgets by controlling number of sachets used per daily clean

Dose control

  • Correct dosing without the need for a dispenser system
  • Simplicity – one sachet = one dose
  • Helps avoid over dosing that is a trait of standard concentrates


  • Simple to use icon based instructions reduces training time
  • Icon based instructions help bridge language barriers
  • All bottles colour coded to assist in training
  • All labels include simple to understand application icons


  • No skin contact with concentrated chemicals
  • No complicated measuring of chemicals required


  • Massively reduces storage space required


Email contact@limesupply.com for futher information on Solulime