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TouchShield 180 day Anti-microbial surface coating 5lt

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5 litre

TouchShield 180 is a water-based surface coating that is 99.9% effective against a wide spectrum of viruses and bacteria including Corona virus, making surfaces safe for 180 days.

How does it work - TouchShield 180 creates a semi-permanent layer when applied, active from 40 microns upwards that prevents the bacteria and viruses gaining access to nutrients, so they simply starve and die, creating a long term safe surface for 180 days. Touch Shield has outstanding longevity in use because of its inherent low water solubility and resistance to UV light. (NB. Unlike silver-based products are not UV stable, darkening and discolouring over a period of time). The technology has been continuously in use on a wide range of product types for 16 years with no customer complaints regarding performance and is used widely throughout the NHS and in many high trafficked public areas, in a multitude of product types such as furniture and joinery and plastics and rubber as both a coating and an EVA based masterbatch. Bacteria and viruses start to be broken down on contact, within 12 minutes viruses are 70% destroyed and within 2 hours they are eradicated to 98.97%. Tested against CV-19 the TouchShield technology prevents transfer of pathogens from person to person and remains in place and active even after multiple washings. It can be applied to most surfaces, does not migrate or transfer to the skin, it does not leach any harmful toxins into the environment and is not poisonous. It is also food safe so can be used in food preperation areas.

The Science - TouchShield 180 is tested to ISO - 21702:2019 for measuring anti-viral activity, it has also been tested under BS 6250: Part 3:1991 on scratch resistance with a rating of 'Severe' making it highly durable and is BS EN71.3 toy safe for added peace of mind. It is EN12720, BS3962, BS12721, BS12722, BS6250. TouchShield is non- carcinogenic, non- mutagenic, non-leaching, non- skin sensitizing, non-toxic. Some of the strains it has been successfuly tested against, SARS-CoV2, Listeria, C.Diff, Staphylococcus, Salmonella, Aspergillus Niger, Pneumonia, Pseudomonas & E.Coli. Touchshield physically controls microbes, viruses and bacteria on contact and does not create an environment for adaptive organisms and 'super bugs'. Testing was independently done by Bodycote LawLabs, Birmingham, Satra Testing Kettering, Microbiological Solutions Laboratories, Bury & Sanitized AG, Switzerland.

How to use - Clean all surfaces thoroughly using Wipeout 1Tab cleaner and sanitiser. Apply to the dry surface, depending on thickness of application TouchShield starts to dry in minutes and is dry to the touch within 2 hours and cures within 12 making a resilient layer for 180 days. To achieve maximum coverage misting can be used and will achieve up to 125 sq/meters per litre. Using as a spray or wiping will reduce this coverage. TouchShield is a semi-permanent coating so all equipment used should be cleaned out with warm water after use to stop residue hardening within. On machinery like foggers and misters the same is advisable or if build up has already started to occur a gunclean product can be used as it is with spray guns. Always try on a small area first, and it might not be suitable for use on some high gloss glass finishes as you may see where the product has been applied.

When and where to use - This is advised to be used in a periodic process every 6 months (180 days) and should ideally be done when areas are quiet or will be closed for the night. As a premium product we recommend using this on high touch point areas or high-level areas to combat airborne pathogens. Some high touch points would be in an office or education environment, desks, tables, work surfaces, lockers, chairs, phone receivers, light switches, doors, handles, door plates, lift buttons & stair rails. In washrooms, doors, handles and plates, flushes on toilets, taps and any contact points on soap dispensers. The list is dictated by areas people touch in your environment and can apply to similar surfaces and touch points in hospitality, retail, leisure and industry. It is also food safe so can be used in food preperation areas. Always try on a small area first to make sure it is fine, and remember it is a seal so may not be suitable to some high gloss or glass surfaces.

For full test data please contact us on mattb@limesupply.com

If you are interested in the product but want a recommended company to apply the product please contact us on mattb@limesupply.com

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  • Tested against a wide spectrum of bacteria and viruses including Corona virus
  • Creates a safe surface from viruses and bacteria for 180 days
  • Safe non-toxic water based product
  • It is food safe so can be used in food preperation areas.
  • Starts breaking down viruses and bacteria on contact, 70% destruction in 12 minutes and 99.9% within 2 hours
  • Desiged for high touch point or high level areas
  • To be used in conjunction with the OES microbial protection range
  • The most durable way to protect surfaces from viruses and bacteria
  • STANDARD: ISO 21702:2019 Measurement of antiviral activity on plastics and other non-porous surfaces TESTLAB: MICRO BIOLOGICAL SOLUTIONS LTD
  • BS 6250: Part 3 : 1991. (Clauses 4.3 Surface Finish and 4.4.1 Adhesion of Surfacing and Edging Materials to Substrates, Paints and Lacquers) to performance ratings: Horizontal surfaces ( excluding kitchen worktops) - Severe performance level.
  • BS.EN 71.3 (Toysafe) - Pass BS EN12720, BS3962, BS12721, BS12722 Test Lab: Satra Testing